We have recently completed our professional kitchens set up to work with the products that we harvest on our farm. We work with the meat of our own free range heritage pigs, known as Cinta Senese, making delicious salamis that we carefully cure and age on the premises. 
Our organic garden yields a wide range of fruits and vegetables that allows us to create products from freshly harvested plants, always respecting their natural seasons to capture their essential flavors and conserve their nutritional value. Now that’s locally sourced!

Our products include:

Cinta senese: (heritage pig): salami, finocchiona, rigatino, soppressata, cacciatorino
Ragu': a rich meat sauce made with Cinta Senese, wild boar and vegetables from the garden.
Herb-scented salt: salt mixed with traditional Mediterranean herbs and spices.
Canned tomatoes: whole peeled, diced, plain puree or puree with other vegetables.
Marinated vegetables in olive oil:  mixed garden vegetables, artichoke hearts and mushrooms.
Fruit preserves: orange, bitter orange, wild tangerine, apricot, peach and blueberry.
Fruit in syrup: peaches and pears.

Guests are welcome to visit our kitchens for tastings and all products are available for purchase on site.
Please contact us to schedule your visit, for further information and prices.